General information about the US’s automobile industrial past

The invention of the automobile changed the American daily lives to a greater extent in the 20th century. Although the same technology was present in the 19th century, it took the efforts of individuals such as Henry Ford for the useful gadget to make their way to the American public. Ford first came up with an idea of an assembly line for automobile manufacturing where he paid his workers more than what other laborers were paid at that time.
Ford was hoping to increase the vehicle production and that his workers would have enough savings to purchase a new car. By 1920 United States saw over 8 million registrations and this led to a tremendous growth in ownership, and by the end of the decade, there was over 23 million registered vehicles.

The economic spin-offs


The constant growth in the automobile industry saw an economic revolution in the United States which led to the development of new industries. In fact, there was a huge demand for vulcanized rubber, and road construction led to the creation of thousands of new jobs through the local and state funding. The growth of the industry became invertible when the federal government became involved in the Federal Highway Act of 1921.

Established industries

Two of the most established manufacturers at the time were the steel and oil, and they received a huge boost with the increase in automobile demand.Travelers needed shelter along the way, and this paved the way for the development of Motels especially on long distance routes. This also led to the development of diners which are known for the quintessential foods such as apple pies, milkshake, and French fries.

The effects of the automobiles

The United state experienced a significant social effect on the automobile, and the freedom of choice encouraged a lot of people to visit places that were previously considered impossible to reach. It was now easier for urban dwellers to discover serene landscapes while rural residents would conveniently shop in cities and towns. With the growth of automobiles teenagers were now able to gain more driving freedom and independence and couples now had a portable place where they could be alone.

Traffic jam


For the first time, the rapid growth in automobiles led to the existence of traffic jams as well as accidents and other fatalities. This, in turn, led to a huge demand for safety regulations and licenses at the state level. Despite all the challenges faced with the first models as well as those that were developed later on Americans still loved their cars. You can visit kalamazoo craigslist free stuff for more information on the same.